Studying the Effective Factors on Investing in Common Share in Stock Exchange (Case Study: Isfahan Regional Stock Exchange)


1 Associate Professor of Management Department, University of Isfahan

2 Assistance Professor of Economics Department, University of Isfahan

3 Ph.D Student of Management Department, University of Isfahan


The capitalization’s importance to the economic growth and development is so that,
it’s called as one of the powerful levels for achieving to the development. But
should be remembered that, as noting to this matter by falling in a positive cycle,
can cause the economic growth, the lack at noting to it also many Cause the
economic falling and go down to a down ward movement and negative cycle.
Therefore it should be stated that economic growth and increasing the public
convenience during a long term without noting to capitalization and existing
important factors in capitalizations.
Environment is impossible. on one side, the precise study of the capitalization’s
analysis and important factors in the activities environment of the capitalizes may
lead to decreasing the bulk of wandering cash, inflation and in creasing the
occupation, and on the other side, may cause the better management and in creasing
of the capitalizor’s wealth. The major aim of the research is to study the effective factors on investing in
Common Share in stock exchange.
The mentioned aim is studied by two variables, variables about investors traits (risk
perception, risk propensity and capital allocation) and traits about capital market (the
expected rate of return and the data of the previous activities) as the questions of the
In present research in order to collect the information related to the subject’s
literature, library method like books and magazines was used; and in order to collect
the data to analyze and test the hypotheses research, questionnaire was used.
In this research for analyzing and test research questions descriptive and inferential
statistical methods (Kolmogorof- Smironof test and two sample t test) was used.
The results of the research indicate that the investigation risk perception effect on
the risk propensity, the expected rate of return, capital allocation and the data of the
previous activities effect on the risk propensity and the expected rate of return.